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Be ahead of the curve with our exclusive access to off-plan and new developments in Istanbul. Pioneering designs, innovative concepts, and early-bird incentives await early investors. Explore tomorrow’s properties today. See All Properties


The market is full of hidden gems and special offers and campaigns; check out Istanbul Real Estate Campaigns Europe. Contact our experts for detailed information

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Discover the allure of city-center living with our selection of prime properties in Istanbul’s bustling heart. Convenience, connectivity, and cosmopolitan living come together in these centrally located spaces. Experience the pulse of the city. See All Properties

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Ozak Doa Exterior
Ozak Doa Exterior
Ozak Doa Exterior
Ozak Doa Exterior
Ozak Doa Exterior


Ozak Doa
Eyupsultan Istanbul

New Life Istanbul – Real Estate Istanbul

The Istanbul Real Estate market is full of hidden gems, special offers, and campaigns; check out Properties and Apartments for Sale.

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Real estate has always traditionally been proven to be a substantial investment with long-lasting returns. Whatever your objective, we have the best, guaranteed, pre-evaluated listings for you. Our extended portfolio all over Istanbul opens up a new world of opportunities for you.

NLI Istanbul Real Estate
NLI Istanbul Real Estate

Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment

Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment program offers a fast and convenient way for a second passport by investments starting from $400,000.

  • Residential or commercial property purchase
  • The property can be let for rental income or sold after 3 years
  • Investors are not limited to investing in only a single property and have the right to acquire several properties

Turkish Citizenship investment is the ultimate advantage of Istanbul Real Estate – Property for Sale.


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