6 Easy Steps of Buying Real Estate

Purchasing real estate in Turkey is secure, convenient, fast and affordable if you follow the proper steps and work with the right experts. This article will explain 6 easy steps of buying real estate in Turkey.



It is crucial to work with professionals when buying real estate. Your real estate agent should be experienced, professional and reliable. An excellent real estate professional will quickly understand the wishes you’ve set in the previous step. It will guide you on your search based on your goals. Your agent is supposed to be acquainted with all the procedures, places to go, and tips on life in the city to make the whole process very easy on you. Ensure you’re working with the appropriate real estate professionals to ensure that you’re making the best investment on the right property.

In ListingTurkey, our consultants’ sole purpose is to help you through your property search. Thanks to our commission-free working system, you will receive accurate consulting service freely from your investment amount.


Your property wish list is now ready, and you’ve found the right real estate professional. Now it’s time to explore the properties that have your desired features. Don’t be afraid to ask a question, take pictures and take notes during the viewing tour. Later, when comparing the alternatives, access and review of these details will make it very easy for you to choose confidently.


After reviewing all your options, it is time to decide which one fits you best. If you’re feeling torn between properties. You can revert to your list of features to see how they work with your original property goals. You can also consult your real estate agent for added insight.


Now that you have chosen your property, it’s time to bid and review the contract! Your goal during the deal process is not only to buy the property at the lowest price; but also to achieve the best results for all terms of the contract, such as handover, transfer date and payment schedule.

This is when you feel secure when working with ListingTukey professionals; since the developers compensate for our Listing services, you will get the best price in the market.

Our sole purpose is to match the right investors with suitable projects, so we are obliged to provide you best consulting service in the market.


Once the agreement is reached, the next step is to sign the contract. At this stage, you should make sure that any terms you verbally made with the seller are stated in the agreement. Also, any payment, including the deposit you may have paid before the contract, must be in the contract of sale, with dates. The results may differ from your expectations if the terms are not clearly stated in the agreement. An adequately prepared sales contract will help avoid disputes that may arise, making the best investment on the right property.


Depending on the type of the project chosen, the transfer of title deed takes place within 2-3 days immediately after application to the Land Registry.

Overseas property sales often have a period when buyers need to transfer their money from their country to Turkey. Don’t forget to pay attention to this period and make sure that you get a tax number with your passport and open a bank account before starting the transactions. When you are ready to proceed with the payment, gather the necessary documents for the title deed, including a valuation report from an independent valuation institution authorized by the CMB. Then you can apply to the Land Registry and Cadastre Directorates with these documents. The land registry office will usually call you for an appointment within two days. Since your documents will be prepared in Turkish, you will need a sworn translator on the day of the transaction. You can get support from real estate professionals for all these transactions.


The process after the purchase is easier in Turkey than in other countries. Through an easy application, you can quickly get utilities connected, such as electricity, natural gas and the internet. With plenty of provider options, you will see that everything will be up and running within a few days.

You not just own a property in Turkey but also have the privilege to become a customer of ListingTurkey. Our clients first discover our exclusive deals, special occasions and exceptional services that we provide for homeowners, like after-sales and wealth management services.


We are working beside you, so our investors can find their dream properties without paying extra costs or commissions.

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