Online Investment Service

Online Investment service offers you safe, convenient and transparent buying procedures remotely.

Even if you are a first-time buyer or previously viewed properties and arranged your financials recently, online real estate purchases in Turkey are safe and convenient.

With reliable local partners in Turkey, you can complete property purchase procedures remotely from your country.

Online Real Estate Investment Service

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Advantages of Online Investment in Turkey

The first advantage is that you are not restricted to your traveling time frame, enabling you to follow up most advantageous deals and currency rates for your investment.

As a result, you will be saving on travel and accommodation expenses; moreover, you will be saving time which is the most valuable asset.

We are working beside you, so our investors can find their dream properties without paying extra costs or commissions.

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Steps of Online Investment with NLI™

You will be informed by local experts, those best in their field. In addition, an Immigration Lawyer and a real estate agent will provide detailed information regarding the procedure and answer your inquiries. This introduction session will explain all necessary steps, service fees, and details.

You might be interested in a specific property, or you might be considering alternatives. Then, according to your criteria, our local experts will bring the best deals in the real estate market.

In addition, lawyers will check the Shortlist of properties to ensure that they are suitable for property transfer or the Turkish Citizenship Investment program.

It is time to view apartments; our local experts will take you to the apartments and show you all the details you need before making buying decision virtually. After that, you will have all the necessary information and meet with the project developer team.

You have decided on your dream apartment; payment details are also agreed upon. Now you have to purchase power of attorney. As Listing Turkey, we do not accept investor power of attorneys, and we advise you not to give any Power to any agency.

The lawyers will explain poA details during the meeting according to your investment type. Meanwhile, we suggest you send a simple preliminary payment to reserve the property price this payment to the seller.

After completing contracts and procedures, you will receive a sales or promissory contract. You will be signing the contract and sending it back.

After your lawyer conducts all necessary checks, it is time to make transfer money. There might be cautions to consider during the title deed transfer process and follow-up procedures, which all will be declared. We will follow the title deed transfer procedure after completing the payment procedure.

Your property purchase is completed after the title deed transfer in your name. In addition, we can help you with after-sales services and Turkish Citizenship Applications via real estate investment.

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