Bomonti Rotana 3+1

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50% Downpayment – 6 Months Installment
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226 m2
3 Bedroom
2 Bathroom
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Key Features – Bomonti Residences by Rotana

  • Elegant Interiors: Thoughtfully designed living spaces and balconies for personalized decor and luxurious living.
  • Expansive Facades: Embrace a liberating sense of space, a standout feature enhancing architectural brilliance.
  • Spacious Kitchens: Well-planned culinary havens catering to residents’ discerning tastes.
  • Refined Design: Advanced design principles elevating apartment values and overall living standards.
  • Rotana’s Management: Fusion of Rotana’s sophistication with Bomonti’s heritage, ensuring an unparalleled urban luxury experience.

House Description

Bomonti Residences by Rotana, an epitome of sophisticated urban living, beckons with an unparalleled fusion of contemporary elegance and historical allure. Nestled in the heart of Istanbul, this prestigious development stands as a testament to refined luxury and distinctive design, curated to exceed the expectations of the discerning few.

Stepping into Bomonti Residences unveils a world where every facet has been meticulously crafted to redefine opulence. The interiors radiate an air of refined grace, where every living space is an exquisite canvas waiting to be adorned with personal touches. From the sprawling living rooms conducive to the realization of your design aspirations to the meticulously designed balconies offering panoramic views, each detail contributes to an ambiance of unparalleled comfort and aesthetic splendor.

What truly distinguishes Bomonti Residences is the liberating sense of space, generously woven into the project’s expansive facades. This sense of freedom is an invaluable feature, setting it apart as an icon of architectural brilliance. The well-planned, capacious kitchens serve as culinary sanctuaries, while the tastefully appointed rooms embody a harmonious blend of comfort and style. An advanced understanding of design principles permeates every inch, elevating not only the value of each apartment but also enhancing the very essence of living.

Moreover, Bomonti Residences by Rotana isn’t just about lavish interiors; it’s a holistic experience meticulously crafted to enhance your lifestyle. Every aspect is a testament to luxury living, from the seamless integration of modern amenities to the dedication to providing residents with an unparalleled standard of comfort and convenience.

This exclusive address affords its residents more than just a home; it offers an experience—a haven where elegance meets functionality and luxury intertwines with comfort. Here, the sophistication of Rotana intertwines seamlessly with the historical richness of Bomonti, creating an exceptional living environment where each moment is steeped in opulence and prestige.

In summary, Bomonti Residences by Rotana isn’t just a residence; it’s a statement—an embodiment of luxury, elegance, and a distinctive lifestyle that transcends the ordinary, setting new standards of urban living in Istanbul’s vibrant landscape.

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Bomonti Rotana 3+1
3 Bedrooms, 226 sqm Living area


50% Downpayment – 6 Months Installment
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Bomonti Rotana 3+1
Located in Istanbul, Sisli District!
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3 Bedroom property offers 226 sqm Living area.
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