Hilal Hill Buyukcekmece

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50% Downpayment – 6 Months Installment
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100 m2
2 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
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Key Features – Hilal Hills Buyukcekmece

  • Prime Coastal Location: Nestled along Büyükçekmece’s shoreline, offering serene living by the sea.
  • Innovative Design: 10 stages, 2,500 units, emphasizing spacious and contemporary living.
  • Quality Collaboration: Bahaş Holding, FKG Group, and STTA ensure excellence and sustainability.
  • Tailored Amenities: Thoughtfully curated amenities for an exclusive lifestyle.
  • Luxury and Nature Fusion: Seamlessly merges modern luxury with coastal tranquility.

House Description

Nestled gracefully along the stunning Büyükçekmece coastline, Hilal Hill Buyukcekmece stands as an architectural marvel redefining luxury living in Istanbul’s bustling urban sphere. It’s a testament to innovation, a collaboration between the visionary prowess of Bahaş Holding, FKG Group, and STTA, epitomizing sophistication and comfort.

This prestigious project isn’t just a residential space; it’s an urban retreat, harmoniously blending contemporary aesthetics with coastal tranquility. As part of Istanbul’s most significant urban transformation initiative, Hilal Hill Buyukcekmece captures attention, boasting bold architectural design and unparalleled elegance.

From its meticulously planned layout to its expansive apartments and carefully curated amenities, every facet of Hilal Hill reflects an unwavering commitment to elevating lifestyles. The development is a manifestation of sustainability and quality, promising residents an unparalleled living experience.

Amidst lush greenery and the serene sea, Hilal Hill creates an oasis away from the urban frenzy. Its horizontal architectural design spanning 10 stages and 2,500 housing units symbolizes spaciousness and modernity, setting a new benchmark for urban comfort.

More than just residences, Hilal Hill fosters a sense of community integration. Embracing its surroundings, it offers not just a home, but a lifestyle—a chance to embrace exclusivity within an urban haven.

Hilal Hill Buyukcekmece isn’t merely a real estate endeavor; it’s an embodiment of refined living—a sanctuary where luxury meets nature’s beauty and the vibrant pulse of Istanbul.

Embark on a journey to elevate your lifestyle, where sophistication and tranquility converge at Hilal Hill—a beacon of contemporary living amidst Istanbul’s ever-evolving real estate landscape.

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Hilal Hill Buyukcekmece
2 Bedrooms, 100 sqm Living area


50% Downpayment – 6 Months Installment
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Hilal Hill Buyukcekmece
Located in Istanbul, Buyukcekmece District!
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2 Bedroom property offers 100 sqm Living area.
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