Luxera Nevbahar 4+1

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50% Downpayment – 6 Months Installment
4 Bedroom
2 Bathroom
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Key Features – Luxera Nevbahar

  • Prime Location: Centrally located in Kayaşehir, Istanbul, with excellent accessibility.
  • Versatile Residences: Offers modern 2+1, 3+1, and 4+1 apartments with abundant natural light.
  • Lush Greenery: 70% of the area dedicated to green spaces, fostering a serene environment.
  • Rich Amenities: Includes children’s playgrounds, a fitness center, indoor pool, and communal spaces.
  • Health-Focused Facilities: Encourages a healthy lifestyle with fitness rooms and ample outdoor areas for recreation.

House Description

Luxera Nevbahar is a special place in Kayaşehir, Istanbul, where luxurious living combines with tranquility. It sets a new standard for comfortable and fancy living in the lively city of Istanbul.

Great Location in Kayaşehir:
Found in Kayaşehir, one of Istanbul’s fastest-growing areas, Luxera Nevbahar is in a good spot. It’s close to important places like transportation, schools, hospitals, and fun things to do, making life easy for the people who live there.

Beautiful Homes:
Luxera Nevbahar offers different types of homes, like 2+1, 3+1, and 4+1 apartments. They’re designed well with lots of light, great views, and modern styles. Residents can make these spaces their own cozy spots.

Nature and Design Together:
Luxera Nevbahar cares about nature and buildings blending together. Lots of the area is filled with gardens and green places. This makes it a calm and green spot in the busy city, making people feel happy and relaxed.

Facilities for Better Living:
People living in Luxera Nevbahar can enjoy lots of good things. There are places for kids to play, a gym to exercise, a nice pool to swim in, and spaces to meet others. Families can have fun together and enjoy the good things here.

Health and Fitness Focus:
For people who like being healthy, Luxera Nevbahar has spaces to exercise and big open areas for outdoor activities. It’s a place where people can stay fit and feel good.

Luxera Nevbahar in Kayaşehir isn’t just a place to live; it’s a fancy, comfortable, and peaceful place to call home. It’s a symbol of great design and offers a special lifestyle. Choosing Luxera Nevbahar means choosing a wonderful life where luxury, comfort, and nature come together in Istanbul’s busy scene.

Invest in Luxera Nevbahar now and be part of a community where luxury and peaceful living blend, making life in Istanbul even better.

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Luxera Nevbahar 4+1
4 Bedrooms, 205 sqm Living area


50% Downpayment – 6 Months Installment
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Unit Types 

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Luxera Nevbahar 4+1
Located in Istanbul, Basaksehir District!
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4 Bedroom property offers 205 sqm Living area.
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