Nisantasi Koru 3+1

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50% Downpayment – 12 Months Installment
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349 m2
3 Bedroom
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Key Features – Nisantasi Koru

  • Prime Location: Situated in Şişli, offering easy access to public transportation and renowned landmarks.
  • Luxurious Units: Spacious apartments ranging from 1+1 to 6+1, including penthouses with private pools.
  • Healthy Home Concept: Prioritizes well-being with advanced sanitary facilities and ample green spaces.
  • High-End Amenities: Health studio, fitness center, indoor pool, Turkish bath, cinema hall, and more.
  • Exclusive Concierge Services: Comprehensive support, including private transportation, housekeeping, and event organization.

House Description

Located in the heart of Istanbul’s European side, Nisantasi Koru stands as the epitome of luxury property in Şişli. Often compared to London’s Bond Street and Manhattan’s 5th Avenue, this prestigious neighborhood is renowned for its cultural, artistic, and upscale shopping attractions. Nisantasi Koru offers an unparalleled lifestyle for those seeking the finest apartment for sale in Şişli.

Investment Highlights:

  • High Investment Value: Enjoy a quick return on investment in a rapidly appreciating area.
  • Exclusive Residency: Secure your place in the newest luxury property development in Şişli.
  • Ultra-Luxurious Units: Choose from a range of spacious units, including 1+1 to 6+1 apartments and exquisite penthouses.
  • Private Pools: Each terrace features a private pool with stunning views of the Istanbul skyline.

Project Overview:

Spanning nearly 60,000 m² of lush green land, the Nisantasi Koru Project is surrounded by nature on all four sides. This luxury property consists of six blocks and a total of 160 luxurious apartments, each designed to the highest standards of comfort and elegance. The development also introduces the “Healthy Home” concept, prioritizing well-being with state-of-the-art sanitary facilities.

Unmatched Amenities:

Today’s buyers seek more than just a home; they desire a luxurious lifestyle. Nisantasi Koru delivers with an array of high-end facilities:

  • Health Studio: Enjoy a sauna, indoor pool, Turkish bath, and spa.
  • Fitness and Pilates Center: Fully equipped to meet all your fitness needs.
  • Entertainment: Features a cinema hall and a musical hall for karaoke and other activities.

Prime Location:

Nisantasi Koru’s central location offers unmatched convenience, with easy access to public transportation, including a metro station. Surrounded by famous landmarks, this neighborhood is ideal for those searching for an apartment for sale in Şişli.

Luxury Living with Health at its Core:

The importance of health has never been clearer, and Nisantasi Koru integrates it seamlessly into its luxury property concept. Offering a lifestyle that prioritizes well-being amidst the city’s hustle and bustle, you can live luxuriously while staying healthy.

Nature at Your Doorstep:

At Nisantasi Koru, you’re not just in the city center; you’re also surrounded by green spaces. The project’s expansive terraces provide fresh air and stunning views, with the centuries-old trees of the adjacent Ihlamur Pavilion ensuring your home is a haven of tranquility and natural beauty.

Redefining Luxury Property:

Luxury now means more than opulence; it encompasses health, convenience, and sustainability. Nisantasi Koru embodies this evolved definition, offering customized solutions inspired by luxury yacht design. Every detail, from lush gardens to spacious interiors and infinity pools, is meticulously planned to ensure your utmost comfort and satisfaction.

Exceptional Concierge Services:

Experience unparalleled convenience with Nisantasi Koru’s comprehensive concierge services. Whether you need a private jet, yacht, ultra-luxury limousine, or assistance with daily tasks like cooking and gardening, our concierge team is at your service. Enjoy the luxury of a hotel in the comfort of your home, with private shuttle services to nearby luxury brand shops and restaurants, and extensive indoor parking facilities to avoid the hassle of traffic.

Live Beyond Luxury in Nisantasi Koru:

Join the elite community of Nisantasi Koru and redefine your perception of luxury living. With its prime location, exceptional amenities, and commitment to health and comfort, this project offers a lifestyle beyond compare. Embrace the future of luxury property in Şişli and find your perfect apartment for sale in Şişli today.

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Nisantasi Koru 3+1
3 Bedrooms, 349 sqm Living area


50% Downpayment – 12 Months Installment
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Nisantasi Koru 3+1
Located in Istanbul, Sisli District!
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3 Bedroom property offers 349 sqm Living area.
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