Prive Kemer 3+1

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50% Downpayment – 6 Months Installment
3 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
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Key Features – Prive Kemer

  • Nature-Integrated Luxury: Modern residences seamlessly surrounded by lush greenery.
  • Sophisticated Living Spaces: High-ceilinged, terrace-equipped homes with stunning views.
  • Diverse Layouts: Options ranging from 2+1 to 5+1 layouts for community living.
  • Sustainable Design: Incorporates eco-tech across three development phases.
  • Premium Lifestyle: Top-tier security, premium amenities, close proximity to Kemer Country Club.

House Description

Discover an enclave of sophistication and tranquility at Prive Kemer, a captivating testament to luxury nestled amid the verdant landscapes of Gokturk. Perfectly situated, this exclusive residential gem invites you to an exquisite fusion of modern elegance and natural splendor.

Step into a realm where refinement meets nature’s embrace. Prive Kemer offers a lifestyle coveted by those with discerning tastes, seamlessly blending opulent living spaces with the untouched beauty of towering trees and serene open spaces. As you wander through this meticulously planned oasis, it becomes clear: this is where luxury resides.

The architectural marvel of Prive Kemer spans 48,000 square meters, harmoniously integrating low-rise structures with the majestic surroundings. With simplistic yet breathtaking design elements, these residences redefine the notion of elevated living. From high ceilings that echo freedom to expansive terraces that offer panoramic vistas, each detail speaks of sophistication and comfort.

Escape into an environment where your home merges effortlessly with nature’s canvas. Prive Kemer artfully entwines gardens, terraces, and balconies with lush greenery, creating a haven of tranquility and aesthetics that resonate with the soul.

Embrace the promise of a distinguished lifestyle within the largest living project in Göktürk. Prive Kemer unfolds across three phases, with Phase 1 boasting 13 blocks sprawled across a 20,780 square meter plot. Offering a range of garden and terrace options from 2+1 to 5+1 layouts, this phase is tailored for community-centric living.

At Prive Kemer, meticulous attention to detail ensures your security, comfort, and contentment. This is more than a residence; it’s an exclusive retreat where your dreams find a home. Contact us today and step into the realm of Prive Kemer, where luxury living intertwines with the serene heart of the city.

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Prive Kemer 3+1
3 Bedrooms, 144 sqm Living area


50% Downpayment – 6 Months Installment
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Prive Kemer 3+1
Located in Istanbul, Eyupsultan District!
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3 Bedroom property offers 144 sqm Living area.
Contact us for details. We are just a message away!