4 Reasons to Invest in Turkey

With its unique geographical location combined with a rich and diverse history, right in the cradle of many different civilizations, Turkey is a privileged place to live for expatriates and their families. There are many reasons to invest in Turkey; in this article, let us summarize these in “4 Reasons to Invest” in Turkey.

An increasing number of people from various parts of the world are moving to Turkey to start a new life, work, or even find peace of mind for their retirement. The country has developed dramatically in the last seventeen years, and the pace of progress in specific fields is nothing short of surprising. ​

Many of Turkey’s new residents hail from several European countries, the US and the Gulf. Thanks to the amendments in Turkey’s property law that lifted the reciprocity principle, foreign homebuyers and investors are now free to purchase nearly any property in Turkey. Moreover, foreigners who have acquired an immovable property worth a particular value with a title deed restricting sale for at least three years can acquire Turkish citizenship.

From flats in urban centers to villas in the suburbs, many options exist when looking for properties in Turkey.

Istanbul is one of the most internationally connected cities. Through its airports, you can easily travel to 5 continents and more than 250 destinations, often with direct flights. Therefore, it is an essential connecting spot for international travel. Thanks to the new highways, there is also a very developed road network extending into the country. The high-speed train is also a favored domestic transport option for those traveling from Istanbul.

With a k12 education system and an increasing number of qualified schools, Turkey offers excellent educational options. In addition, there are also various international schools for foreigners that provide education in multiple languages for foreign students.

Turkey is becoming a popular choice for health tourism and services with high-quality and advanced health care systems. The government offers quality healthcare to its citizens through state and private hospitals. In addition, plenty of extensive health insurance options are available to all. As a result, Turkey becomes one of the leading health tourism centers globally, offering stellar options for plastic surgery, hair transplants, and IVF.

With high-quality and advanced health care systems, Turkey is becoming a popular choice for health tourism and services. In combating the coronavirus epidemic that struck the world, Turkey took fast measures and decisive steps.


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